Demographics of AFEC attendees

Out of the twenty-six students attending the AFEC, I am the only attendee from the Western Hemisphere:

Last year’s cohort of 21 also had just one from the Western Hemisphere. I wonder if this is an accurate reflection of the applicant profile, or if the selection committee preferentially accepts Asian applicants — hopefully I can extract this information from the course coordinators and update this post accordingly. I’ll venture a guess that this particular course doesn’t get very many applications from American students because it is aimed at young(er) grad students, who are usually taking and/or teaching courses during this time.

That said, I’m very excited to work with students from such a diversity of places, including North Korea (!) and Benin (!!). Other things I am excited for: Xishuangbanna’s canopy walk (blog post by another visitor), small turbulance-prone commuter planes, and the distant prospect of finding whacky new fungi.

PS: I included the gender columns in the table above in case anyone is interested in that. Only ~25% of the students are females, but I don’t have anything new to say about that. Maybe I will if I get to Marlene Zuk’s discussion on on role of gender in science today!


2 thoughts on “Demographics of AFEC attendees

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and my Xishuangbanna experiences from 2011! I hope the field course goes well and you get to explore this amazing area! Will you be blogging about the field course?

  2. Hi Jessica — thanks for writing. I will certainly document my experiences in XTBG on this blog. And thanks for writing about your travels! Hope to read about your adventures in life after school 🙂

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